Urgent News. Danger signals from USA, Japan, China, Italy

In the programme “Се грядет. It is coming”, Igor Mikhailovich Danilov talks about the impending climatic events in the world, putting emphasis on Italy, USA, Japan, and China.

Observation of climate in these countries shows how global cyclical processes affect the weather already today.
Programme «Се грядет. It is coming»:

Japan. Abnormal winter, continued massive snowfalls.
Rapid increase of underground shocks of various magnitude all over the country.
USA. Inexplicable phenomena: mysterious fall of more than 100 large trees in the center of National Olympic Park in Washington State, a huge hole in the center of a street in Fairfax, a gigantic roll cloud the length of a few kilometers in Virginia.

Italy. Resumed seismic activity, analytical overview on general climatic and seismic situation in Italy.
China. An earthquake with an epicenter in a densely populated area with numerous continued repetitious seismic shocks.

Current news about the climatic events on ALLATRA TV channel. We are observing a rapid growth of cataclysm dynamic on the planet.

Global change of climate on Earth - this is primarily the result of celestial processes and their cyclical nature. This is inevitable. The geological history of our planet bears witness to the fact that Earth has already gone through similar phases of global climate change more than once.

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